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Designing and implementing
AI models for
breakthrough materials
A new open effort in AI and materials
The AI for Materials lab is a decentralized, open and collaborative research laboratory at the intersection of deep learning, materials science and chemistry. Our mission is to advance the field of materials science using deep learning to aid discovery. One important issue that drives us is climate change. There is potential to help accelerate materials science across a variety of climate change applications by learning patterns in experimental or operational data in order to guide future experiments/operations.
We strive to provide a space for community discussion of the latest research developments, to facilitate large scale collaborations, and to back these collaborations with large scale computational resources and development in order to rapidly experiment with and iterate on ideas.
  • Compute
    We fund and partner with organizations to provide GPU Compute to any ongoing project and our members efforts within the community
  • Open Source Code
    We provide open code, models, data and research of all our successful projects to push forward the field
  • Seminars
    We plan to host and curate a collection of talks by leading experts to create a useful repository of knowledge for others to learn and get involved
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